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Maine Tent Rental Guide

Maine Sailcloth Tent

Why Should I Rent a Tent? 🙂

Let’s start with the obvious question– when and why do I need a tent for my event? First, if you are familiar with the weather in Maine, you know it is unpredictable and unreliable. Renting a tent is essentially an insurance policy against Mother Nature! If it rains, you’re covered (literally), and if it’s a perfectly sunny, summer day, you have plenty of shade from the heat. Another reason to rent a tent for your next event is because a tent completes many Maine wedding and event venues’ offerings. Or, because renting a tent will increase the venue’s capacity and provide you with a more flexible floor plan. Some venues do not have indoor spaces at all, or their indoor space is limited and intended for intimate weddings and small events. Renting a tent will allow you to host large weddings and events at your favorite venue. 

Is your venue a timeless, hotel ballroom or a trendy, rustic barn? Rent a small tent for an outdoor ceremony. There are plenty of details and contingencies to worry about when you are planning an event, but there is no need to let relying on the weather be one of them! You can also opt for a tent to host your cocktail hour by the ocean, overlooking a pond, or simply to incorporate some fresh air before moving inside for dinner and dancing!  

Check out some of these venues around Southern Maine that offer the perfect location to rent a tent for your next event! 

Finally, a tent allows you to create an event venue out of any location! A small backyard wedding at your childhood home, a family reunion at a rented property by the water, or perhaps even a corporate dinner outside of your favorite restaurant. With a tent, the opportunities are endless for choosing where to host your next event. Plus, along with the tent, you can have other items delivered to complete the set up: tableschairslinens and tableware. You can also rent a full kitchen set up for your caterers to cook from any location you have chosen!

What Type of Tent Should I Rent?

You may have noticed that there are several different styles of tents you can rent. Aside from the varying aesthetics they each offer, they also have restrictions in terms of what type of surface they can be installed on and what sizes are available. At Savvy, we offer three types of tents: Tidewater Sailcloth, High Peak Pole, or High Peak Frame. You will need to take into account where you want the tent installed, how large of a tent you need, and what type of appearance you prefer!

Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

If you browse online for tented wedding inspiration or flip through wedding magazines, you are likely looking at a sailcloth tent. A sailcloth tent offers a more rounded shape, decorative flags on the peaks, and stained wooden poles. In addition, the translucent sailcloth top with swooping peaks allows for natural light to gently shine through during the daytime to brighten the space giving it an open and airy feel. In the evening, lighting from within the tent makes the top appear as though it is glowing, creating a whimsical and romantic scene.

Quick Facts About Our Tidewater Sailcloth Tents

  • Available in 32’ and 44’ Wide Varieties
  • Must be staked into the ground
  • Requires 7’-10’ of additional space around the perimeter for staking
  • Clear sidewalls are available
  • Perimeter and/or bistro style lighting is available

Pole Tents

Maine Pole Tent Rental

Pole tents are what you likely envision when you picture a tent in your mind. Traditional and functional, the swooping peaks of these tents create tall ceilings and the quintessential tent style you have always imagined. The tent top is bright white and opaque.  

Quick Facts About Our Pole Tents

  • Available in 30’ or 40’ wide varieties
  • Must be staked into the ground
  • Requires approximately 5’ around the perimeter for staking
  • Solid or windowed sidewalls are available 
  • Perimeter and/or bistro style lighting is available

High Peak Frame Tents

Maine High Peak Frame Tent

High peak frame tents provide the best of both worlds. You get the iconic look of swooped peaks, but the extra functionality of the ability to install a frame tent just about anywhere! Frame tents are self supporting structures that do not have center poles. This allows for freedom of layout beneath it. This style tent is also ideal as a ceremony tent. No center poles means you can set up chairs with an aisle down the middle for the bride! Frame tents can be installed on any surface because weighted blocks can be used to secure the tent on pavement, concrete, over a patio, on a driveway, or any surface you prefer we do not stake into. Frame tents can also be installed directly against other structures.

Quick Facts About Our High Peak Frame Tents

  • Available in 15’ and 20’ Wide Varieties
  • Can be staked into the ground or secured with concrete blocks
  • No additional space required around the tent perimeter
  • Multiple frame tents can be installed directly next to one another
  • Solid or windowed sidewalls are available
  • Perimeter lighting is available

What Size Tent Do I Need?

The next order of business when renting a tent is to determine what size you need. This depends on a lot of factors that will be unique to your event. Some of the major details that will help determine tent size are guest count, table size and shape, buffets, appetizer stations, a bar or two, a band or a DJ, dance floor size, head table or sweetheart table, and any other unique additions such as a photo booth, lounge area, or cocktail tables for mingling. So, of course, a simple birthday party or corporate outing will require much less space than a wedding tent will. Since there is such a varying degree of items to consider when looking at tent sizes, it is always best to ask our rental consultants to weigh in! We can even help you create a custom layout, specific to your event, using our party CAD software. We are more than happy to talk through your vision with you, so do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email!

In the meantime, check out our sample tent layouts which are a great resource to get you started in the right direction for thinking about the unique details of your special event and what size tent it will require:

What Comes With A Tent Rental?

When you rent a tent from Savvy Event Rental, the price of the tent includes set up and breakdown by our staff.  There is an additional delivery charge based on location. There are lots of options to add on to your tent rental. The most common additions are sidewalls, cafe lights, tables, chairsdance floor, linens, plates, glassware, and flatware. We have lots of options so you can make the selections that best suit your personal style and vision for your event. We have farm tables, round tables, rectangular tables, lots of chair styles from industrial gunmetal bistro, walnut cross back, to a classic white garden chair. We have white, ivory and black table linens plus lots of napkin colors to compliment the theme of your event. 

Beyond the basics, Savvy also has other options to make us your all inclusive shop for all things events! We have several different bar styles, such as a rustic wooden bar or a convenient portable bar with an ice chest and speed rail included. Outfit your caterers with a convection oven, warming cabinets, chafing dishes, and beverage dispensers. A catering tent is also a popular requirement from caterers. Our small frame tents with solid side walls make the perfect tent for caterers to store their belongings, cook, prep, and plate your meal out of sight!

Finally, allow us to help you put the finishing touches on your celebration. We have a Fender Sound System that will play music from a phone or computer and comes with a microphone for speeches, or maybe even some karaoke? Planning a spring or fall event and worried about the evening temperature? We have patio heaters and tent heaters! Paired with side walls on the tent, our tent heaters are very effective at keeping your guests nice and warm. Welcome your friends and family with a sandwich board chalkboard sign, display your custom cocktails at the bar with a tabletop chalkboard. Rent our popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone or hot dog machine for late night snacks at your wedding, as a fun addition to your neighborhood block party, or simply as a special treat for the kids! 

As you can see, the options are endless! Work with Savvy Event Rental to provide a tented space for your Maine event, and then browse our rental catalog to fill in the gaps with our wide range of offerings to make your event complete and memorable! 

How Do I Get Started?

We recommend starting the planning process as soon as possible to ensure you reserve the items you want. This tent rental guide is a good starting point, followed by browsing our website and sample layouts for inspiration. We will happily walk through your vision with you and put together a tentative quote to give you a sense of pricing and what to expect. We may want to perform a site check at your location to confirm the type of tent and size of the tent will work. We will also want to be sure the ground is fairly level and the site is easily accessible. 

What Happens Once I Reserve?

Once you have selected your tent and other rental items, you will need to provide a non-refundable 30% deposit to officially reserve your items for your date. A quote does not pull the items from inventory, so you will need to provide the deposit in order to secure the items for your order. Don’t worry if you are not sure of your final guest count or exact choices, you can always adjust quantities and rental selections along the way. It’s a good idea to reserve what you think you may need, as soon as possible, and then make edits as necessary. Once a tent is reserved, it cannot be cancelled or refunded at any point. However, other rental items can be added, removed, or adjusted. We do not require final payment and final updates to your order until 10 days prior to your event. At that point, all selections will need to be finalized and paid in full. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as your planning progresses. We are happy to make as many changes as you would like and answer any questions along the way. 

An important step that must be taken before we can deliver and install a tent is calling Dig Safe at 1-888-DIGSAFE. Law requires that Dig Safe is called anytime you break ground. This is a free service. You must allow Dig Safe at least 72 hours notice prior to your event. You will need to mark out the area of the tent so Dig Safe knows where to check for underground utilities and will mark them. These markings need to be left visible for our tent installation crew. 

The final bit of information to keep in mind when renting a tent, or anything from us at Savvy, is that we deliver and set up on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and return for pick up on Monday or Tuesday. We will not know our delivery schedule until closer to the date of your event. Once we have finalized our schedule, we will notify you of which day your delivery and pick up will take place. We will install the tent and leave all other rental items beneath the tent for you to continue setting up for your special occasion! 

We can’t wait to begin the planning process with you. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5pm and by appointment on Saturdays.