We’re pleased to announce that we are now owned by Wallace Events and One Stop Event Rentals.
We are excited to announce that as of December 1st, One Stop Event Rentals and Wallace Events have acquired the inventory of Savvy Event Rentals. As Savvy Event Rentals closes their doors, One Stop Event Rentals is prepared to take over our existing orders and field any new or existing inquiries.
For information contact One Stop Event Rentals at 207-767-5966.
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Specialty Items

Plank Dance Floor

Our New England Plank Dance Floor comes in 4′ square panels. This flooring can be used indoors or outside but must be covered and protected from the weather. The prices for standard sizes are below, but if your event requires a custom size configuration using 4’x4′ panels please let us know.

Tabletop Chalkboard

A perfect addition to your wedding, reunion, baby or bridal shower. Each chalkboard measures 19″ x 18″ and stands 12″ wide when opened. The customizable black chalkboard area measures 11.75″x 15.5″. We offer one plain chalkboard and one with the word ‘menu’ at the top.

Patio Heater

Our patio heaters run on a 20-lb propane tank and are great for outdoor soirees when the weather gets chilly.


Foam Machine

Nothing says fun like a foam machine! Try it out at your next birthday party, summer camp, family reunion, or summer BBQ.

One packet of certified 100% organic, all-natural foam powder lasts 30-60 minutes. Packets are $20 each.

White Pedestal Fan

Hot weekend forecasted or need to cool off from the summer heat? Our white pedestal fans are the answer. These large fans telescope from 4′ tall to 6.5′ tall. The fan is 30″ round and can tilt to blow air high or low.

Tent Heater

These 80,000 BTU heaters are perfect for heating tents, garages, or other areas. The diffuser goes into the side of the heater to spread heat over an area. It runs on a 40lb tank of propane, which can be rented, also. Proper ventilation must be provided.


Simple and sleek, this podium is perfect for anything from meetings or workshops to weddings.

Sandwich Board

This self-standing sandwich board style white easel measures 15.5″ wide x 31.5″ tall x 14.5″ deep when set up, with two customizable 12″x23″ chalkboards. A great way to greet wedding guests, display a seating chart or present your bar or buffet menu.