All Purpose Water Glass

Our most popular water glass. At 13.1-oz, this is the perfect size to set at your table, or use as a multipurpose glass behind the bar.

Glasses come in racks of 25.

All Purpose Wine Glass

Our 10.9-oz and 14.2-oz wine glasses are a necessity for your event. Both sizes are versatile and can be used as a red or white wine glass.

Glasses come in racks of 25.

Champagne Flute

A timeless, elegant way to toast your celebration or special event. These 6.5-oz flutes stand 8.25″ high and are the perfect glass for bubbly or mimosas.

Glasses come in racks of 36.

Champagne Coupe

This 4.5-oz, 4.25″ tall champagne glass is a great alternative for your celebratory toast.

Glasses come in racks of 16.


Pint Glass

Our 16-oz pint glass can serve anything from its traditional use– beer, to water or cocktails. Pint glasses are a great option for open bars as they can be used for just about any drink you’re serving up.

Hi-Ball Glass

This versatile 10.75-oz glass is a staple at any event. Use this to hold your signature cocktail or as a classic water glass at each place setting.

Glasses come in racks of 36.

Rocks Glass

Whether you’re serving your drinks straight up or on ice, this 10.85-oz glass is perfect for your next event.

Glasses come in racks of 25.


Stemless Wine Glass

Our 17-oz stemless wine glasses are extremely versatile. Use them for serving wine, cocktails or water.

Glasses come in racks of 25.

Martini Glass

Serve your favorite martini straight up or with a twist in our 10-oz glass.

Glasses come in racks of 12.


This 3-oz shooter is the perfect glass for small bites, soups and other hors d’oeuvres. Standing just 4″ tall, it’s a great solution for tastings and samples.

Glasses come in racks of 36.

Irish Coffee Mug

A fun twist on a traditional coffee cup. These 8.5-oz mugs are perfect for serving cider, hot chocolate, or hot or cold coffee.

Glasses come in racks of 25.

Glass Pitcher

64-oz glass pitcher

Plastic Pitcher

60-oz plastic pitcher

Glass Decanter

34-oz glass decanter


Glass Beverage Dispenser

This 2.75 glass beverage dispenser is an attractive and handy addition to any party.


Silver Rimmed Stemware

7-oz and 9-oz glasses, rimmed in elegant silver and perfect for water or wine.


Gold Rimmed Stemware

Gold rimmed 9-oz goblets, great for water or wine. We have 45 of these beautiful glasses.


Navy Blue Goblet

Perfect for water or wine.